Saturday, April 14, 2012

deep breaths.

you guys, worry and stress are simply not worth it.

i've been reading in Revelation lately and it feels like I've been hit over the head with the finite nature of the world.
someday, the earth will disappear and God will roll up the sky like a scroll. all of our worries and earthly possessions will be gone.

                                                           the only thing we will have is Jesus.
                   always stay close to him, rather than worrying about the future or the little details in life.

enjoy every second of your life. make the most you possibly can out of it. it is a beautiful, generous gift from God and far too often we belittle it by filling it with trivial worries.
                                love freely. give freely. serve freely. be joyful with out restraint.
                                                             that's what you were made for.

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